the mompreneur va

If writing is your thing, you could even follow in the footsteps of Yasmine and start a mompreneur blog. There are plenty of resources available for moms who want to start their own businesses. The Mompreneur VA, for example, can hook you up with a virtual assistant to allow you more family time.

Many mompreneurs jump into business ownership by joining an MLM. Just head to Instagram, and you’re sure to find a mompreneur Beachbody coach looking to expand her base. Other popular MLMs include Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, and Young Living. There may even be a podcast in the works, so she can further grow and serve her audience. While she’s at it, maybe video marketing will be another way to test the old “take imperfect action” model. So that was Yasmine’s inspiration for the name of the company.

the mompreneur va

When you want to release content and start offering, you need to pay $49 each month for Fundamental, $99 monthly for Advanced, and they also have a custom quote system for companies. The Advanced choice offers you no branding, so you can totally customize by yourself, and there are no pageview limits. They likewise allow you to deal with up to 6 projects instead of 3, and you can have up to 40 courses or products instead of 10.

The Perfect Morning Routine For Moms

That’s where Jamie comes in and she provides entrepreneurs with the systems they need so they can have their business working for them, not the other way around. She takes overworked and burnt out self-employed entrepreneurs and she helps them turn into digital CEOs who truly own their time and are able to pursue everything they want out of life. WeShield is powered by a proprietary sales and marketing processes and driven by artificial intelligence. As a result, it has quickly established itself as one of the major suppliers in the industry. It’s your time to get more out of life.RevolutionHER™is a fierce collective of women who are ready to flip the status quo and live the lives they always dreamed they would. Fuelled by impactful events, resources, and connections for all women, we are RevolutionHER™ together, and our strength as a community of smart, capable, and powerful women is truly unstoppable. It’s obvious that social media plays a key role in reaching, nurturing, and engaging audiences.

  • She does this with a focus that’s intentional, which is what allows the company to provide immense value to their clients.
  • Everything she does right now exists to serve this community because becoming a mom for Yasmine was such a culture shock.
  • She understands what it’s like to always be working, so she wants to help health and fitness coaches out there to have a successful business and still live their lives by their own design.
  • It has been featured in Pioneer Woman, Black Enterprise, Travel & Leisure, Artful Living magazine and more.

She specializes in social media marketing, so she used her knowledge to create her own beauty business called Everyday Glam Guide. Through her business, she helps women find affordable beauty solutions and teaches them how to apply them. Kayla is passionate about her work and she’s on social media every day providing other mothers with relatable motherhood and business tips they can use to their advantage. She believes personal growth and self-awareness are the foundations of building and scaling a successful business that will work seamlessly. There’s no need to hustle, struggle, or follow someone else; Kristen helps entrepreneurs by creating custom strategies that work for them so they can keep their business sustainable without having to work as hard.

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She probably could have spent another few months getting everything just right before launching. Her hesitancy to launch is understandable, given her background running an entire subsidiary for a Fortune 500 company.

the mompreneur va

Sarra is proud of how far her company has come and it’s all because of how passionate she is about serving her clients well and providing them with all the support they need. Kristen is a successful mompreneur who understands how important it is to provide a custom approach when creating marketing and sales strategies. Cookie-cutter solutions don’t work for everyone and it’s not a great way to scale a business. That’s why Kristen is here bookkeeping to help people increase their income and maximize the impact they have on the world by providing services that match their personality. It’s not about following the market; it’s about finding success being true to one’s self while maintaining a good work/life balance. However, you don’t have to become a mompreneur VA Beachbody coach to open a business. Plenty of busy moms become interior designers, photographers, and web designers.

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Organize your social media efforts with the Social Media Prompts, Instagram Strategy, and Pinterest Strategy boards. I don’t want you to keep relying on mental notes, post-its, and digital clutter to bring your goals to life only to find yourself in the same exact spot you are now. While most women-owned businesses tend to be in the retail or service sectors, mompreneurs can – and do – work in any industry. These companies add $3.2 trillion to the economy each year, as reported by American Express. There are tons of famous and highly successful entrepreneurs in history.

the mompreneur va

Problems would go unsolved, and the world would become an archaic shell of itself. In the Tribe, Yasmine found an experienced community where she could ask questions and build relationships. the mompreneur va Of the 200 Facebook Groups Yasmine is a part of, she says many are utterly forgettable. She has really high standards for her posts, so she doesn’t post as often she’d like.

She understands what it’s like to always be working, so she wants to help health and fitness coaches out there to have a successful business and still live their lives by their own design. Currently, The Mompreneur VA Inc. serves over 2,000 coaches by providing behind-the-scenes content creation so that online entrepreneurs can scale their business and have more success without having to work long hours.

The 17 Most Inspiring Quotes About Being A Mom

There’s a lot of research to do, and then there’s communicating the information the way she wants to talk with her audience. One day she was in a store and heard another mother and daughter talking about whether they wanted to buy baby stuff made in China or made in the USA.

If you’re not able to break down huge projects, see at a glance what’s “done” and what’s “not done”, check off more to-dos, and overall save time and frustration, you can get your money back within 14 days. Grab my tried-and-true, 7-step strategy to turn prospective clients into paying clients.

Seven months later, Made Leather Co. came to life and its mission is to support Moroccan artisans as well as providing the best handcrafted leather goods. Lenise is mother to two wonderful children and she wants to teach them about the retail industry and entrepreneurship, something her work allows her to do.

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She’s passionate about what she does and she has the skills. She can spend only 15 minutes with a client and provide a plan so they can monetize their gifts and talents to change their lives forever and help them create brand stories that are engaging. Kristen Edwards is an effective Business Strategy Coach, HR Consultant, and Personal Development expert, not to mention she hosts the Amplify Ambition podcast.

But then she realized she could take ownership of this area of health and wellness for her beloved audience. The blog is all about natural baby products, holistic baby care, and natural childbirth. There’s no theory or hypotheticals here – just real life, tried and true guidance. Yasmine has two children (a three-year-old and a six-year-old). Based on our experience, the Hyax documentation is great, so you don’t really have to get in touch with customer assistance the majority of the time.

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A VA is someone who uses their skill set to help business owners and entrepreneurs with tasks they simply can’t get to. It’s probably a good idea to define exactly what virtual assistant is so that you know right away if it’s something you would be interested in. I got the idea to write this series after speaking with so many moms who wanted to start their own businesses and work from home but didn’t know how to get started. Maia Xiong is a digital marketing strategist & coach making her mark on the internet as the creator of Business Mom Collective.

Find the guidance you need to help you reach your goals in life and in business, from strategies and accountability, to expert advice and more. Join our circle of Mompreneurs to improve your life and business while being a force for good, impacting the world and helping others. (Bloggers and online business owners are often looking for help with tasks so it’s GREAT place to get started). Join Facebook groups where bloggers hang out and when appropriate introduce yourself and relay what your virtual assistant business offers. Then it’s incredibly important to ensure you create consistent content for your audience, thereby ensuring the growth of your business. Whether your content is written, audio, or video, these content boards can easily be modified to fit your creativity. The success of, testimonials and other examples used are above average results and are not intended to be and are not a guarantee that you or others will achieve the same results.

Many entrepreneurs get into it because they want to work for themselves and own their time so they don’t have to sacrifice for an employer. But many times, they end up dealing with hectic schedules and juggling so many things at once it can drive them crazy. After getting off the hamster petty cash wheel of entrepreneurship herself, Jessie is now obsessed with helping other mompreneurs break free from the daily hustle and grind. “It’s my mission to help ambitious freedom-fighting mamas, create a business that runs on autopilot so they can live a life more in tune with their dreams.

Why don’t you outsource your tasks to me, your multi-skilled executive virtual assistant, and free up your time to focus on the more important work that you may have. Get in touch with me, rest assured that you will have all your tasks completed briskly and in a professional manner. Virtual Mompreneur is your one stop shop for all your administrative and digital marketing needs. Virtual Assistants used to work for the rich and famous, well not anymore! With Virtual Mompreneur, you get a handful of specialized skills done at an affordable price. All you have to do is fill up a simple form and let me do all the work for you.

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